Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in Fulton

Dec. 11 to 26, 2007

Winnie 1 – Carol Anderson
Winnie 2 – Carol Rayburn

Winnie 3 – Elizabeth Baldridge
Winnie 4 – Roberta Cox

We’ve settled into our spaces at Driftwood RV Haven. Above is a photo, taken near Winnie 2’s motorhome, of the tree-abundant campground.

Every time we are near the bay, we never get bored with watching the great numbers and varieties of seabirds. Winnie 2 managed to get some great photos, including the four-shot sequence of a pelican snagging some lunch.

Winnie 2 temporarily abandoned us for a few days – but for a good cause. She drove her Honda 1,200 miles to Hurley, South Dakota, to have Christmas with her family and to bring Mom Rayburn back to Texas. They will be here in a few days.

The weather has been fickle – warm one day, cold the next, and even cold/warm/hot on the same day. windy one day and calm the next. This has required us keep a variety of clothing at the ready.

Winnie 1: So far today I’ve gone from shorts/short sleeves to slacks/long sleeves.
And then back again to shorts/short sleeves. Once the sun starts going down, those warmer things will be back on.

Days have been a variety of activities, too. We’ve bicycled, walked, shopped, taken car trips and enjoyed the outside when possible; and then we’ve hunkered down to read and do inside projects on other days.

On a walk, Winnie 1 took this photo of the early morning Fulton Harbor.

Or-sters and/or Er-sters!

It is oyster season – some Texans pronounce them “or-sters” and some say "er-sters" – and the afternoon arrival of the oyster boats is a good outing for us. Oysters are bagged in large ‘oyster bags’ (think gunny sacks). According to one of the oystermen, each bag weighs about 110 pounds and holds about 300 3-inch-or-more oysters. Bags are loaded 16 to a pallet and await the arrival of the ‘authority’ that checks them for size before tagging them as authentic Texas Gulf Bay Oysters. Then they are trucked to seafood distributors.

Winnie 4: I scolded Winnie 1 for a lack of any Christmas decorations, and on a stop to the dollar store I found an 8-inch high $1 artificial Christmas tree along with some tiny ornaments.

Winnie 1: She neglected to say that I’ve taped the Christmas cards that arrived in the mail on my kitchen (supposed to call it a galley, oops!) cabinets. And e-cards were saved to watch several times.

Christmas in Fulton

We weren’t without Christmas spirit. The fun in Fulton just never ends! At a large tent on the beach, they had a four night program called “Christmas in Fulton”, complete with hot chocolate and cookies for each night. Turns out this is a great way to view the local talent of the area….good and bad! We saw line dancers, the sheriff playing a saxophone, an elf with corny jokes, gospel singers, a children’s choir, little ol’ ladies band playing in a sticks, rattles, and etc.

The four night program ended with “Santy” Claus, who arrived with several sheriff vehicles and fire trucks, sirens a-blazing! Here's Santa being escorted by the Fulton Mayor.

Winnie 4: Winnie 1 and I made through three programs but Winnie 3 “wimped” out halfway through the first one. Where is that girl’s Christmas spirit??? Ha! I think she mumbled something about a good book to read. We had some laughs and good times and can now say “we’ve done that”.

At each performance the February Oyster Fest was announced. On one night, the master of ceremonies had some oyster buckets to give away. Winnie 1 managed to get one. (Winnie 4: Managed? She jumped up when the guy with the buckets came by to get his attention!)

Here’s a photo of Winnie 1’s cat exploring the oyster bucket.

Christmas at Driftwood RV Haven

Aaaah, let the eating frenzy begin! At camp here, it is time for the annual Christmas Eve potluck and Christmas Day mimosa brunch. Winnie 4 had previously told us about the downside to Driftwood RV Haven….far too many good cooks!

There were about 30 for the occasion. Foodwise, enough for 200! All wonderfully good! Where does one start and end? As usual, a nice group of people, lots of laughs and good feelings…a pleasant experience! By the end of the two days of feasting and merriment, we are all “waddling” and vowing never to eat again.

The clubhouse and the tables were beautifully decorated.

As this entry is being written, Winnie 3 is off with two friends – Doris and Jeanne – visiting from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Winnie 4 has finished the morning’s aerobics class. Winnie 1 is hoping the wind will decrease so she can take a bike ride. Life is good! Oh, yes – Happy Hour continues!